A Network licenses type requires to have a SERVER MACHINE (this machine is the one that will hold the licenses) and a CLIENT MACHINE (this machine is the end-user machine).

Please be aware that the SERVER MACHINE and CLIENT MACHINE can be either the same machine or separate machines, so the following steps can be applied to the same computer or different computers depending on the type of scenario that you have chosen.

Request Network License File – SINGLE SERVER

  • Go to manage.autodesk.com and sign in with an Autodesk Account.
  • From the left side of the website hit on All Products & Services.
  • Look for the product that you and hit on the “three-dots” button at the right side, then hit Generate Network License File

  • Hit Select under Single Server option.
  • Fill in the Server Name and Mac Address of the machine designed as SERVER MACHINE.
  • Hit the Plus Sign to add the products to the file, then hit Get License File.

Install and Configure Server Machine.

  • Download and Install LMTOOLS
  • Configure LMTOOLS by following these steps.